In this month's edition, we will be touching on how much buyers have saved with the Stamp Duty Holiday savings, why virtual viewings surged in January, some good news for first-time buyers, and do tenants and landlords really get on?

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750,000 buyers have seen stamp duty savings so far

It's been estimated that 600,000 homebuyers agreeing a sale from May 2020 onwards will not pay any stamp duty at all and are set to be saving £5 billion in total.

Following news of the stamp duty extension, what can buyers and investors expect over the next few months?

Why did virtual viewings surge in January?

Whereas initially a prospective buyer might select a number of properties to visit in-person, those decisions are now being made more and more commonly online.

Read the full update on how virtual viewings have changed the way we buy and sell property in the UK.

Good news for first-time buyers as lenders allow smaller deposits

Over the last 12 months, first-time buyers have found it more difficult to move forwards with their purchase plans.

Now that lenders have begun to re-introduce their 10% deposits, the current situation is looking up for new homeowners.

How many tenants have a good relationship with their landlord?

According to a recent survey, around 75% of tenants reported having a good relationship with their landlord and letting agent.

What are the main issues and conflicts between the two parties?