Purchasing a property in locations such as Clifton, Southville or Long Ashton Bristol is an exciting experience and is the single largest purchase most people will ever make. Finding the perfect home can be a difficult task, so before you begin, consider these four things:


Select your location

Only begin searching for a new home once you have determined a selection of locations you are interested in living in. It is important to consider council tax charges, proximity to amenities and schools, available property types, and available transport links. For help with area information amenities see our interactive AREA GUIDES


Compile a must-have checklist

Create a list of all the features that are a must, followed by all the features that would be nice, but are not essential. When looking for a house in Bristol, you can then ensure that everything on your 'must-have' list is ticked off and that everything on your 'nice-to-have' list is a bonus. When it comes to comparing homes, you can see which ones check the most boxes to help you make a final decision.


Consider your future needs

To prepare for the long term, consider choosing a property that will support your growth. Is there enough space? Is there a garden? Are there any improvements you could make, such as converting undeveloped space? These are the kinds of factors to examine.


Look at all costs

Of course, finding a property within your budget is important, but you should also factor in other expenses, including house improvements. If you find a property that you believe would be great with a few tweaks, consider the financial implications of those changes. While some may be minor, such as wallpaper or paint colour, others, such as replacing the flooring or reconfiguring the kitchen layout, could be rather costly. 


For more assistance in locating your ideal house, you can get in touch with us HERE. Ask about our “Beyond the Market” Service, where we actively find your next home for you personally and for free.