Preparing your home for a viewing

In their recent study, uncovered some interesting research on the property market to help sellers and their agents understand exactly what stands out to UK homebuyers.

Using eye-tracking technology, they were able to precisely monitor engagement during viewings, which establishes whether the core USPs you think your home possesses truly matter to potential buyers. Here are some things you might want to consider;


As we approach winter, it will be high on people’s priority lists to check if there is cost-effective and efficient heating throughout the house.

If you have viewings booked, consider turning on your heating before they arrive; not only to ensure a warm, cosy environment but as a way of showcasing your radiators are fully functional.

Access to the garden 

Not having easy access to a garden can be off-putting to buyers – especially after the year we have had.

For this reason, a lot of people are now looking for homes with extra outdoor space, so make sure the garden is accessible and well presented.

Water pressure 

Another thing that people do when viewing the kitchen is turning on the tap to check for any faults with your water pressure and / or plumbing.

Is your water pressure to normal standards or do you need to have your plumber look it over?

As a key room for homeowners, potential buyers are extra vigilant in this section of the property, meaning it’s important to keep your tap limescale free and wiped down with baby oil for an added shiny finish.

Cupboard doors 

Another thing viewers look out for when in the kitchen is the quality of the cupboards.

Replacing items in the kitchen usually comes with a hefty price tag, which can be a big factor for buyers. Make sure your cupboard doors are screwed on tightly and wiped down.

The oven 

Viewers tend to look at the oven to see if it is operational. Make sure it is clean and avoid cooking anything too smelly before the viewing takes place. Ensure the hobs and trays are as clean as possible too!

Following their study, Head of Mortgages at comparethemarket – Mark Gordon – commented: “UK house prices are currently on the up and with the stamp duty holiday prompting more buyers to get on the property market, it’s a competitive time for homeowners looking to sell their home.

“We conducted this experiment to determine the areas of the home that buyers look at most to help sellers maximise their chances of a sale. Some sellers may not have considered these factors when preparing their homes for viewings, so we hope our insight will help them focus on the areas they should check and freshen up.”

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