Your land could be worth more than you think...

Being local experts in land and new home developments, we are able to assess your land to give you the best advice. We bring unparalleled advice and guidance with exclusive connections to a network of trusted buyers and local development specialists - ensuring you maximise your opportunities.

Types of sites we can advise on

  • Uniquely shaped sites

    In densely populated areas, even the smallest oddly shaped area can be a developers dream.

  • Large open plots

    Suitable for mixed-use developments or multiple dwellings.

  • Gardens

    Even gardens can create development opportunities.

  • Office and commercial buildings

    Now a prime development area, these are a much sought after.

  • Brownfield, Greenfield and Strategic Land

    Our developments are not limited to dwellings, with prospective use from care homes to affordable housing.

The process from start to finish

We help you explore all the options open to you - giving you the best return

We can guide you through the planning...

Land can be sold in three different ways:

  • With planning consent
  • Without planning consent
  • Subject to planning consent

With planning consent

The most sought after option where planning permission has been granted.

Without planning consent

An unconditional sale.

Subject to planning

This is a common practice in the development world to make a purchase subject to satisfactory planning permission.

Your questions answered

How do I know if land can be built on?

We can carry out an initial assessment, then refer you to one of our recommended planning consultants and architects for the next steps.

What expectation does an established developer have when interested in purchasing a site?

A developer would expect as much information about the subject site location, such as; surrounding demographics, housing supply, demand for the area, potential GDV, the areas average £sqft, as well as the design and access document, that we can provide.

What is an agricultural tie?

This is when a strict legal covernance has been imposed to retain agricultural land for a specific use for farming.

What are option agreements and how do they work?

Option agreements are in short, an agreed sale that is subject to planning milestones and conditions that the buyer must be satisfied with, in order to proceed to exchange and completion. These agreements usually have a financial commitment attached to them.

How long does planning take?

A straight forward planning process can take up to 3-4 months to get to outline consent and a further 3-6 months to obtain full detailing consent. Planning timescales are unique to each site, depending upon workload, conditions and imposed local authority detail.

What happens if planning is rejected?

In these cases, there will be transparent reasons as to why it was refused. The previous application can be appealed, amendments can be made and the application can be resubmitted.

Can a TPO tree preservation order be removed from my land?

Generally, no. However, if you can build a compelling enough case, there have been occasions where the TPO has been lifted.

Will I need services upon the land (electric, water etc)?

Yes, the planning consultancy instructed should carry out these investigations and report accordingly.

For any other questions

There are many variables when it comes to land development and planning, some of the other typical questions you have may include:

  • What is CIL and S106?
  • What are ransom strips?
  • What if the site is in a green belt?
  • What if access to a site is right of way and not owned by the vendor?
  • What is the starting point and process to get planning advice and support?
  • How do I keep costs of planning advice reasonable? - How do I know what type and how many units could be built in the subject location?

The answers to these are slightly more complex, so we would advise a call to discuss further.

Fabio D'Agnano

Fabio D'Agnano

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Andre Smith

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Great friendly service from Harley Jones. She has always been proactive and professional during the...



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It was an easy experience with AlexanderMay!...

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Stuart Lanceley

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The whole team at Long Ashton branch were brilliant and exceeded not only my expectations but also...

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Margaret Hicks

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Alexander May has provided outstanding service over the months of the sale from start to finish....

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Marc Freeman

a year ago

Very professional, excellent communication and advice...

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peter clements

a year ago

Steve Pearce handled the sale process of what was quite a tricky property. He always responded to my...

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