A third of homes sell for over the asking price

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One in three properties sold for more than the original asking price in April.*

This has put homeowners looking to move in a better position than ever. What could it mean for you?
Here are a few top tips for selling your home this summer:
1. First impressions count
Don’t underestimate the impact that kerb appeal has on potential buyers.
A survey conducted by YouGov stated that well-maintained windows, front gardens and pathways can be the key to a quick sale.
2. Update the kitchen
The kitchen is the most valuable room in the house.
A bright spacious kitchen can be attractive to potential buyers.
A fresh coat of paint and removing any bulky appliances before viewings can make all the difference in creating a clean and spacious look.
3. Light and airy
Putting up mirrors in your home can make a room seem much larger and brighter.
Putting lamps in any dark corners will brighten up the room and create a warm glow that is inviting to potential buyers.
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