With the number of vaccine jabs administered in the UK now over 10 million, we can start to imagine a future beyond the pandemic, but it's expected that the 'new norms' many of us have adopted will have lasting effects in our day-to-day lives.

Working from home has gone from being an infrequent luxury to a very real reality – whether we've wanted it that way or not.

Jobs advertising remote working tripled since November 2019, going up from 26,600 to 80,700 listings in November 2020.*

With remote working now an expected part of life, the desire for a home office has skyrocketed, leading to interesting levels of activity on the market for larger properties. COVID-19 has impacted the behaviour of homebuyers, as well as the priorities of employers and businesses, who now recognise that proximity to the office is no longer a prerequisite for their team members, allowing for greater flexibility on where people choose to live.

In a recent 'Home Moving Trends' survey, 35% of participants cited an office space as being more important since the emergence of the pandemic.**

The survey also showed that broadband was high up on homebuyers’ agendas, with 37% wanting enhanced Internet speed when searching for a new home.

If you're no longer restricted to a property based near your work premises, we'd like to help you.

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*New Street Consulting Group
**Conducted by the Property Academy on a national level