According to a recent survey, around 75% of tenants reported having a good relationship with their landlord and letting agent.

Many of those asked said a large part of the reason for having a connection with their landlord is down to having good communication between the involved parties (agreed by 59%).

From the landlord’s perspective, a massive 96% of landlords reported liking their tenants, with 53% saying they were ‘very happy’ with those renting the property and only 2% of all landlords reporting they were ‘definitely not’ happy with their tenants.

There are a range of scenarios that can lead to a rift between the landlord-tenant relationship, such as late rent payments, lack of care towards the property or failure to make necessary repairs and changes.

When it comes to the main causes of conflict for tenants, interestingly the research shows 75% highlighted a lack of communication from the landlord, or a slow response to repairs for non-managed properties (50%).

Now more than ever, managing your properties and your tenants has become increasingly more complex, as you're required to comply to new regulations whilst being restricted from having the same ease of access.

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