Now that the entire family has settled back into work or school during September, many people are getting on the move again. Even if you do not have a young family, it can be a bit frantic during the summer as you prepare for your holidays. If you start now, you could be in for Christmas or be on time to start the New Year in a new home. It may be getting colder outside, but there's plenty of reason for the property market to start warming again.

Larger homes are looking like a good option

The first-time buyer market is doing well, and many young buyers are saving their deposits in their parents' homes, skipping renting, and choosing to buy. And their parents are selling their larger homes! If you are outgrowing your home and are already wondering where everyone is going to sit this Christmas, now is a good time to consider buying bigger. Homes of this size are selling a little more slowly in this sector of the market. Mortgage affordability for some home movers has become a little more of a task. This has slowed the market a little. But if you are in a position to buy, now is a good time to negotiate a good offer on the asking price. And just because a home is larger does not mean it can't be energy efficient. With so many controllable devices like smart metres and technology such as solar panels, a bigger home can lead to bigger savings in running costs.

Property is seductive

Your property is probably your most important possession. Why would you not want to enjoy a better home? Home is a feeling and a sensory feast that never abandons you, which becomes enhanced when you find the right property. Home is exciting, exhilarating, rewarding, comforting, and gives a feeling of safety. The right house makes us fall in love with our homes. With so many amazing homes to choose from, whether it be a rural retreat, a suburban new-build, or an apartment with a stunning view of the city skyscape. Maybe you would prefer a large Victorian townhouse with a study and a gym, or a beautifully presented and characterful village terrace—they are all beautiful and have the power to enchant you.

Home movers are becoming acclimatised

The UK property market has been fascinating these past few years, and as we enter a stage of calm, new doors of opportunity open. Cash is king, and the UK property market has many facets. Generally, home movers and homeowners are adjusting to the higher cost of mortgages and costs of living. There are, of course, those who will find it difficult. Today, there are initiatives such as cost of living support to help those struggling by offering interest-only payments and longer mortgage terms. However, affordability levels are still strong, and many home movers are in a good position in terms of equity and know that interest rates were a lot higher in the past. This will encourage them to make their move, and this in turn will make the market resilient. The property market is also underpinned by a shortage in supply and a large proportion of buyers who are mortgage-free. 

Life is too short to wait

Life is for living, and many people are now fed up with waiting to see what happens. In the long run, it can cost you more money as values increase. Modern estate agents can tailor pricing strategies and connect you with the homes and the means of purchasing a home you want due to their understanding of the market. There is always a way to get the keys to the home you want. It may take a little searching or a relocation to another region. But you will get there if you want to. This attitude is prevailing in the property market, and as such, more people are on the move again and eagerly looking forward to a great new year. This in turn means there are buyers on the databases of agents looking for a home like yours.

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