The best time to move is not always down to the seasons or market conditions, it’s down to you. The clocks go back at the end of the month, and when it comes to property, you might wish you could turn the clocks back by more than an hour, or perhaps forward! The truth is, there are good reasons to move at any time of the year. Autumn brings about that lovely feeling of vibrancy and freshness with a multitude of colours. Such a sensory-rich season can make you crave the change a new home brings. Halloween and winter are also on the horizon, and let's be honest, the countdown to Christmas has started. As the days grow shorter and darker, festivities like Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Christmas focus our thoughts on cosy nights by the fire. But your moving story is as much about you as it is about your home.

Your home’s story is intrinsic to you   

You may have improved your home over the years. Perhaps you have concentrated on making it more energy efficient. Have you developed a really good outdoor space or bought in an up-and-coming area? Even if you have bought a modest property in the past five years, it will have increased in value considerably. Simply presenting your home nicely can have a big impact. Maybe you have outgrown your home or found that it’s too big for what you need today. Perhaps it’s time to make better use of your home’s value by investing in a holiday home.

Invest in time  

Today, many people are obsessed with the value of their homes. Time is more important. When you buy, you will no doubt keep your home for many years, and if you have owned your current home for a while, then you have good equity. This may decrease in the short term but will increase in the long term. Using the services of a skilled agent who can judge the market will ensure you pay the right price for your property. Then, over time, fluctuations in value become insignificant.

Delaying your purchase could cost you

It’s tempting to put off the decision to buy if you are concerned about property prices. But the reality is that rising mortgage costs could cancel savings while waiting for property prices to fall. Add to this the long-term increase in value of your new home as property prices begin to increase again, and you end up costing yourself even more money.

The property market

The UK property market is more than resilient. Prices change, as do interest rates, but the long-term outlook is still one that spells out housing shortages. This keeps the market stabilised, even during storms. Your home is in demand because of this shortage. However, there is still a varied and ever-fascinating selection of properties on the market. From grand ecological, energy-efficient designs to humble terraced properties and castles to coastal cottages.

The right home

The perfect location, the sunrise in the morning the fire at Christmas or the blooming garden in the spring. The charm of an older building with all its fascinating features. The newness of something more modern, or perhaps a fusion of both worlds for greater energy efficiency. Whatever the reasons are for falling for a property, there are so many advantages to living in the right home. From finding more space to work from home to simply reaping the rewards of a better sense of well-being. The right home can be advantageous financially.

Planning your future

Finding the right location that works for you and your family is important. Whether it is a better life in the country or an easier commute to school, work, friends, family, or hobbies, perhaps you want to begin a buy-to-let portfolio. Agents are always worth talking to. Immersed in the latest property trends and in constant communication with buyers and sellers, there is no better source for information and providing a means to your dream property. 

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