There is so much more to your local estate agent than meets the eye. The skill set, depth of knowledge, and range of skills that are needed to succeed in the industry today are staggering. It’s little wonder most people still use a traditional estate agent over an online-only estate agent, and much of this is down to technology.


Your home will get great exposure to ready-and-waiting buyers thanks to connecting home buyers and sellers like never before. With access to databases of home movers, property listings, market analysis tools, and customer relationship management (CRM) software, your agent has the technology to sell your home quickly. Additionally, your agent may use virtual reality or 3D tours to provide immersive property viewings for remote clients. Add to this the huge social media reach, and you are on the move in no time.

Great personal service

There is no substitute for the friendly face of your local estate agent. It’s comforting to have a professional person to offer assurance and emotional support through what is an exciting time but is also a little nerve-racking. When you are moving, you have a lot of what-ifs. There is a lot to do, and having someone on the other end of the phone to guide you through all aspects of your move is very comforting.


Valuing your home at the right level is critical in today’s complex and fluctuating market. If the asking price is too low, you could cost yourself some serious money. Too high, and your home will not sell. Potential buyers start to ask questions like; How long has the property been on the market? Your house sale becomes stale. This can lead to achieving a much lower price, as you are forced to sell at a lower price to regenerate buyer interest.

Market and area knowledge

Your local estate agent will know your local property market better than anyone else. Modern agents are made up of a talented team of people, from valuers to marketing strategists and property experts. Staying on trend with everything to do with property, they will know your local area as well as you will after living there for years.

Mortgages and other services

Modern estate agents have a broad network of contacts within the industry, from mortgage brokers and conveyancers to removal companies. Putting you in touch with a good mortgage advisor could be the difference between finding the right road to your new home and getting lost. This all makes for a seamless, less stressful move.

Marketing expertise

Gone are the days of traditional marketing methods. Modern estate agents are well-versed in digital marketing strategies, including social media, online listings, and virtual tours. They know how to present properties in the best light, creating eye-catching listings that attract potential buyers. Their marketing efforts extend beyond just listing a property; they also know how to stage homes for viewings and use professional photography to highlight your property's strengths.

Negotiation skills

Negotiating the price of your home can be a complex and emotional process, if a little awkward. Your agent will make sure you get the best possible deal in the time frame that works for you. They act as intermediaries, helping to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers and ensuring that both parties are satisfied with the outcome. And this experience and knowledge make their fees worth every penny.

Legal compliance

It’s easy to fall down a legal pitfall when moving. This is why a modern estate agent is imperative for a smooth sale. Complex legal documents are included, from exchanging contracts to local regulations, and their expertise will save you time and money. Then you can enjoy the excitement of moving property to the fullest without any niggling worries.

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